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I. Central General Hospital (CGH)

CGH commenced its operations in the year 1992 as a 200-bed health care provider who fulfilled needs for medical cares and services of growing community nearby.

Through the years, the hospital’s board members, physicians, nurses, as well as all levels of personnel have been consistently developing the quality of medical cares for simple diseases while expanding their services to care for complicated diseases that occurred in the community such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Dementia, Colorectal Cancer, etc.

With a mission to “Warmly Serve All with Good Health and Well-being,” Central General Hospital has been continuously developing its team members with best interests of patients’ safety at heart. Focusing on caring for patients’ physical, mental, and spiritual states of being as well as the patients and their family’s rights, CGH has been certified ISO 9002, ISO 14001, and HA (Hospital Accreditation) as well as Re-Accreditation HA. Additionally, the hospital has been awarded by leading insurance companies, e.g. Gold Award from AIA.

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II. Saimai Hospital (Klong 8)

In 2014, the board members expanded the services and opened the third hospital named "Saimai Hospital (Klong 8)". It is a 24-bed hospital serving the growing community in Lam Luk Ka (Klong 8), Pathum Thani.

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